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About Us

About The Velop Group


The Velop Group has over 15 years’ experience in delivering good quality private lettings in the residential property sector in South West London, Manchester city centre, Greater Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. We have accumulated a private portfolio of property and have completed development projects for both ourselves and private clients. We have an active pipeline of projects which includes adding assets to our current portfolio, redevelopment of our own stock and development opportunities with investors.

Our aim is to have a portfolio valued at £10m by 2020 and ongoing developments for private clients.

We buy standing investments, development sites, buildings with the potential to add value and take positions in long term strategic land holdings. We have a particularly strong track record in regenerating buildings which give scope for multi letting in order to maximise returns.

Our activities are spread across a focused range of residential sectors, lot sizes and locations. We act on our own account and in joint ventures with fellow developers, investors and financial institutions. Our focus on maintaining long-term relationships, using the same advisors and bankers for many years, and our deep understanding of the markets in which we are active has seen us outperform the market during the credit crisis and emerge with a strong appetite for high-quality deals.

In particular, our ability to see through complex mixed use projects in urban settings shows our long-term commitment, deep understanding and an ability to gain the trust of multiple partners working harmoniously towards a common goal: investment and regeneration with the socio-economic and environmental benefits every responsible developer must bring to their projects.

Velop Group Director - Jules Sinclair-Simon JP
The Velop Group are please to be licenced by the 'Manchester Council Selective Residential Licensing Scheme'